Revolutionise your translation processes

Access a more transparent and cost-effective translation market.

Integrate and control your translation assets

The translation memory conserves your translation assets; a capital investment that increases with each translation.
Up until now, this capital has been managed by your translation providers, in a fragmented manner and with no supervision.
Now, you can finally gain control of these assets, reuse all previous translations, and achieve greater consistency as well as reduce costs.

Greater control of source content quality

Indeed the Aqrate team focuses its analyses of source texts to improve the recycling possibilities.

Accurate word count

Frequently, word counts are bloated with things that do not need translation.
Aqrate provides an optimised word count that includes only what must be translated.

Fewer words to translated => lower costs.

Savings that are multiplied by the number of languages involved.

Simple and fast selection of suppliers

The platform allows you to select which supplier you wish to assign to each translation job.
A level playing field, where all suppliers have the same opportunities, as the word counts are identical and based on the same translation memory (yours).

Greater transparency

Greater transparency not just in the word counts, but also in tracking every stage of the translation process

Greater level of quality assurance

Each translation undergoes a series checks for linguistic consistency.
In the first year, Aqrate successfully intercepted inconsistencies in more than 80% of the jobs processed, thus ensuring significant quality improvements.

When you fill-up your tank, do you check what you spend?

Up until now, the translation companies were the only ones measuring the translation volumes and who controlled the TMs with their customers’ assets.
Purchasing translation services on the market is like putting fuel in your car without knowing how much fuel is in the tank or how you are adding.

Aqrate provides you with a meter to overcome the market asymmetry and level the playing field.

Companies like yours, with large volumes of documentation to translate, can make their decisions based on hard facts, that the cost and quality of the services purchased are assured.

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Take full control of your assets

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