Expert management of your translation assets

Most companies who require translations rely on the services of translation companies who analyse the customer’s documentation with standard software that creates translation archives, known as “Translation memories” (Translation Memories: TM). These “memories” make it possible to recycle previous translations, thus reducing the number of new words to be translated.
These TMs are, however, usually held by the translation companies thus making it impossible for the client to check the counts and have a real picture of translation costs. This can also lead to a fragmentation of these assets, amongst different suppliers, with a consequent reduction in recycling and most of all consistency..
This is why you need Aqrate…

Your win-win platform

Through this web platform, you can upload texts to be translated, invite bids and then compare these in a transparent way, as well as control the entire translation process.

For the first time content analysis is separated from translation itself, introducing a new approach designed to standardise the final output, i.e. the content to be translated. This makes it possible to achieve significant quality improvements and savings of more than 30% (even taking into account the cost of the service), thanks to the centralisation of assets and a more accurate and objective analysis.

WIN 1: Analysis and control

Aqrate offers new solutions for the problems illustrated above.

Centralised translation assets, is the company key to manage and best exploit its expert know-how.
The Aqrate team analyses texts to ensure maximum reuse providing the company with full control of its word counts.

WIN 2: Complete transparency

As soon as new texts are uploaded for translation, the Aqrate Language Analyst is immediately activated.
An analysis report is created with precise indications of the word count as well as recommendations for possible optimisation of the original text.
The Aqrate analysis report can then be made available, though the platform, to selected suppliers who place their bids on the basis of an objective word count.
This makes it easy to compare the bids and decide which one to accept.
Aqrate also performs additional checks, at the end of the translation process, to ensure the maximum quality standards.


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