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Tomislav Matievic – Technische Dokumentation Unit Manager, TANNER

“Aqrate offers a translation management process that includes everything I have always sought but never found: manage translations without heavy investment in language experts and expensive systems, real chance to compare bids on their merits, be independent of providers, quality check.

Natalia Migliaccio – Documentation Manager, Tissue Machinery Company

“Now I have the full picture.”

Gardini: testimonial per Aqrate

Carlo Gardini – Technical Documentation Dept. Manager, MG2

“With Aqrate, we have centralised translation assets, as well as reduced the costs of management and translation.”

Giorgia Bariani – Documentation Manager, Elettric 80

“Aqrate offers you a smooth and timely translation workflow based on transparent, rapid quotations, guaranteeing full control of your translation databases and thus significant, incremental savings.”

Take full control of your assets. Curb costs and ensure greater quality control as of today!