A new way to handle your translation costs.

A web platform designed to support companies and organisations who translate high volumes of documentation.

Innovative solution for the management of multilingual documentation

Aqrate offers a combination of skills and experience in the world of multilingual communications and digital technology (web applications) to support companies with innovative solutions in managing multilingual documentation. It provides information, previously unavailable, together with efficient processes that improve the quality of the final product while curbing costs.

Aqrate allows you to:

A) Centralise and control your translation assets (including translation memories), maximising the reuse of previous content to ensure consistency.
B) Obtain accurate and transparent word counts of the real volume to be translated.
C) Develop new types of quality control for your content and your translations.
D) Simplify, standardise and secure multilingual documentation management with new text analysis procedures.

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Curb costs and improve quality controls!

Gain full control of the translation purchase process!
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