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If your company exports products or services to foreign markets, it most likely…
√ needs to have its documentation translated into several languages
⛔ does not have a translation legacy
⛔ faces high translation costs
⛔ experiences challenges when it comes to controlling the quality of translations in all languages

If you really think this is the best way to manage your translation projects, then go ahead.
Otherwise find out how you can solve all this problems with Aqrate.
No additional activities. No need to change your translators.


First, we start by bringing the translation memories, i.e., the translation legacy that is currently fragmented in the hands of translation agencies, back into your company.
We centralize it into one large corporate translation memory, improving autonomy, language consistency and future retrievals of words that have already been translated.


Then we will launch QAi on your translation legacy, the unprecedented quality assurance tool.
Thanks to proprietary algorithms integrated with Artificial Intelligence, we are able to analyze millions of sentences and detect errors in meaning that affect the quality of your
documentation and could lead to legal action.

What used to take months or in some cases years of manual revision and unsustainable costs can now be accomplished in a few days thanks to Aqrate’s QAi. A quantum leap.


Once your translation legacy is consistent, coherent and error-free, we uploads it to the Aqrate web platform, where your company can enter and manage as many translation projects as it needs, without any limits, not even of corporate users or your trusted translators. Every project you enter is managed by one of our Language Analysts, who is always by your side.
You will discover simpler, faster and more efficient management, with unbelievable quality control and savings.


How is this possible?
Our unique and advanced system for identifying identical or highly similar sentences that are already present in the translation legacy or repeated within the document to be translated allows us to submit only words that count for translation. Aqrate’s proprietary algorithms integrated with Artificial Intelligence will impress you.


You can use the project tracking and monitoring tools at any time and generate real-time statistical reports specifically designed for management that is focused on cost and quality.


The highest standards of data security

Our organization and all our processes are governed by our Quality Management System in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, ensuring the highest quality for our customers.
Our customers’ data is stored in the Google Cloud Platform data center, the most secure in the world. Data access is controlled through unique credentials and passwords that meet the highest security standards.
All calls to Aqrate web management system and, more generally, any data transfers occur via secure HTTPS protocol, using a certificate issued by Let’s Encrypt Authority X3, with the highest level of authentication and 256-bit encryption supporting SHA-1 and SHA-2 algorithms.
Each customer is guaranteed the isolation of their data, and every data access, entry, and modification operation is immediately logged and tracked.
All measures to ensure system and data availability, as well as their rapid recovery, are always active: the system uptime is 99.95%, with unlimited scalability and storage capacity.