What is Aqrate?

Aqrate is the only system that allows you to measure, control and reduce translation costs.

It provides information, previously inaccessible, providing, up-front, an accurate assessment of the texts to be translated, without having to change your suppliers.

When you know how much fuel is left in your tank (its like your translation library), you don’t need a full tank each time, but just add enough fuel for your new trip (translation).


Gain real ownership and take full control of your translation assets.

Aqrate will reuse your current translations intelligently and thereby multiply the savings achieved with each new translation.

The more Aqrate helps you recover your translations, then the less there is to translate and the less you need to spend.

More control will lead to greater consistency and result in higher quality

How does it work?

Discover how to start saving on translations

Aqrate is a web platform that allows you the customer, to prepare and track the entire translation process and to select the best offer from your chosen suppliers.

A team of language analysts checks for any inconsistencies in the translations themselves, ensuring that only what requires translation, is actually translated.

Thanks to Aqrate you improve the yield of translation

Do you wish to deal
with the cards in your hands?



Aqrate can provide you with the right cards.

Currently, who tells you exactly how much you need to translate and how much you can save?
The translation vendors.

To achieve independence, and be able to check the exact number of words to be translated, as well as the quality of the translations, Aqrate is the solution for you: a neutral and competent partner..

Indeed, thanks to Aqrate:

  • You can integrate and control your translation assets
  • Obtain an accurate word count
  • With the full picture, you have greater control of content and translation quality
  • You can select your best suppliers
  • Reap the benefits of savings and transparent processes

Approved bids

Reused  content

Efficiency of QA

Agreement to manage and optimize translation costs for member companies

Want to hear from those already using Aqrate?

“Now I have the full picture”
“With Aqrate, we have centralised translation assets, as well as reduced the costs of management and translation.”
Carlo, MG2
“Aqrate offers you a smooth and timely translation workflow based on transparent, rapid quotations, guaranteeing full control of your translation databases and thus significant, incremental savings”
Giorgia, Elettric 80
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Measure, control and save...

Obtain clear and detailed information. Manage your translation assets with an impartial partner.
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